Adobe Illustrator CS5.1

Adobe Illustrator CS5.1

Creates image files from vector graphics
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Adobe Systems Incorporated

Develop graphical constructions and generate images using vector graphics by editing or creating new files in the dedicated utility. It processes the input data and forms vector elements based on templates or custom designs. Importing and exporting data and content is possible.

The Adobe Illustrator 15.0.1 update addresses a number of issues related to stability, including the following:

- Out of memory problems specific to Macs with RAM exceeding 4gb, including failure of shortcut keys, rulers, or file open have been addressed.
- Glyph Panel issues have been addressed.
- Several crashes occurring at launch or quit have been addressed.
- A crash when traversing a variable data set containing linked images has been addressed.
- An issue with white lines appearing on rasterized gradient mesh objects has been addressed.

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